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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

AN OL Pick?

This time last year I was resigned to an OL pick, wanting an edge rusher (but not necessarily Quenton Coples).

This year, I think I'd prefer one.  And then, who knows, maybe another.

RT DJ Fluker seems to be an ideal match for Carolina.  He's not as good as Luke Joeckel, Eric Fisher, or Lane Johnson, and he's not a left tackle.  But he's definitely as good a right side player as you can have this draft.  And that's where they need the greatest help.

With that said, it's a fair bet that G Chance Warmack will be there, too.  If not, Jonathan Cooper should be still.

And right now, I find that a lot more palatable for this team than a remarkably small WR (Tavon Austin), or even worse, the tons of guys under him that are bigger, but kinda dumb and definitely underdeveloped.

This is all kinda re-hash, but until recently I still expected a DL first.  Now, it seems unlikely.  Just a feeling.  That said, I still love the potential of a NT in round 2.

Recent rumors (Jason LaCanfora, Eric Weidl) do link the team to Star Lotuleilei, who by some other reports is sagging in the ratings.  Lotuleilei (and consider I'm not a doctor) is an ideal pick for Carolina, and the best defender in the draft in my opinion.  He'd fit at NT or UT, and that'd be an almost storybook cornerstone to add in front of Luke Kuechly.

That's if he's healthy.  I don't think it'd be ideal to have a top draft pick die on them.  I don't know if it's that serious, but hopefully they know.
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