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Saturday, April 27, 2013

108. Edmund Kugbila, G, Valdosta State

3 picks, 936 pounds.

Hog Mollies.

Kugbila is a Ghanan prospect who excelled at the high school level and got commitments from various schools - Vandy, TN, and with interest from Alabama.   He couldn't make a high enough SAT to qualify for D1, so he played small school.

He's a big (6'4, 317) but mobile guard (a 5.36 40 betrays his lateral athleticism).

If it sounds like Amini Silatolu, you're 100% right.  He doesn't have the snuff-film type game tape that Silatolu did, but he's still a big bully who has good feet, had good workouts, and will probably have to spend some time adding experience.

Instant Reaction:
I wanted Barrett Jones, who would start now.  Kugbila should start soon, and will be physically more interesting, but smarts might be an issue.

My only real beef with Kugbila at 108 is value.  I don't see that being a great value.

Tons of linemen, and I'm OK with that, so far.  A trend that only one was American born, but I don't care about that.
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