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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Where Do The LBs Fall?

It appears that James Anderson is gone; Luke Kuechly is, obviously, safe.  Jon Beason and Thomas Davis likely took steps forward on staying with Anderson’s departure.  Davis is cheap this year, and Beason costs a massive amount to cut.

But where do they fall?  How will they line up?

It seems the most likely is for Davis to stay at WLB, and Beason to go to SLB and take on more blocks (which might not be a strength).   But, it could flip.

And then, who backs them?  Jordan Senn is staying for the year, and he’s a WLB by trade.   Now the 4th LB, Senn is still mostly a special teamer.

Kenny Onatolu might get a reprieve – as another special teamer/WLB, he makes $775,000 – which could be a backup where they need something more; but, he might stay now.  I don’t know that the team needs more than 5 veterans if they’re keeping 7.   If they kept Onatolu, it might make sense to draft a MLB/SLB who plays strong at special teams.

There’s really no one waiting in the wings with youth at LB.  If the team didn’t have greater needs, backups might come from here, but maybe they can lure some priority free agents and see who’s most able to fit from that pool.

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