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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Two Coaching Points

Two quick things now that I've noticed them:

*The zone read is considered a "wrinkle" not a "staple", according to head coach Ron Rivera.  I've got mixed feelings on this - there's no doubt Rob Chudzinski was too complex, and that the backs need to get more downhill runs. There's still a want on my part for a couple of things there - the Pistol formation, and for Shula not to go too far the other direction and become boring.

*Rivera suggests that the report on offering assistant coaches only a one year deal is false.  Rivera praised owner Jerry Richardson for giving him the things that he needed to move forward.  So, Rivera promoted guys that he knew in a familiarity situation, but it did get rid of the best excuse for not landing some good assistants.

It's hard to say where to go on this one.  Rivera's still somewhat of a lame duck in a way, and him having the ability to provide multiyear deals doesn't mean it was an attractive job longterm.  Winning erases those doubts, so hopefully the moves work out.
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