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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ted Ginn Visits

Former 9th overall pick Ted Ginn - from a 2007 draft that was clearly better to Carolina than it was to Ginn or then-Dolphins coach Cam Cameron - visited Carolina today.   The receiver/return man is a free agent, and fits the profile of player Carolina requires.

A receiver versed in the Coryell scheme, Ginn has elusiveness and has value as a kick and punt returner.  With legitimate 4.28 speed, he's a deep threat.  He hasn't shown incredible ability as a receiver, with a best of 56 catches for 790 yards in 2009 and 2 TD; he's caught a total of 161 balls, 12.7 yard average, 6 scores; he pitched in another 6 in returns.   He barely played offense last year, with the logjam of mediocre receivers in San Francisco.

Which, if you're debating whether he's worth the 9 pick the Dolphins put into him, it's not much of a fight.  If it's a debate on whether he's worth having on your team for the $1.2 million he made last year, yeah, I'd take that.

Carolina requires a veteran hand at WR.  I might want someone who's more able in the intermediate ball, or more physically imposing (Ginn is 5'11, 180), but for a guy who might play some outside receiver for a couple hundred snaps, I wouldn't mind Ginn on board.
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