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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sharrif Floyd Gaining?

Florida DT Sharrif Floyd is gaining on the pack again, it seems.

And I don't understand it. I still don't see him as even the top DT.
Star Lotuleilei's recent scare caused his potential fall, Jonathan
Hankins apparently fell from 2nd in between the season and workouts, and
Floyd had gained over the other athletic DT, Sheldon Richardson.

On tape, I don't find Floyd better than Richardson, much less
Lotuleilei (I am not a cardiologist). Floyd's a stout player, not
unlike Richardson, when he gets on a guard's shoulder and goes upfield -
he's probably better at playing further out than the 3-technique (5, or
if a team wanted to move him around, at 7 on run downs), so there's
value, though I haven't seen Richardson play outside and his longer legs
tend to make more sense outside than Floyd's.

Physically, they tested similarly - strong enough, fast enough. Floyd
seems to be a better rusher (Richardson just didn't finish pass plays as
much) and ran a very quick 40, but both have very quick first steps.
Richardson's longer arms will help more against guards in disengaging,
and he'll likely bat more balls.

I can see Richardson having to really earn a high spot in meetings - he
had disciplinary issues related to academics, but he plays smart, so
it's hard to say what happened there. Floyd doesn't have that negative,
so who knows. But I don't buy him as a #1 overall. That's just a bad

Now, this is just rumor - it's clear that the Chiefs, who hold the #1
overall pick and squandered the 33 pick to San Francisco for Alex Smith,
don't know who to pick. Luke Joeckel was considered the top pick, but
while the Chiefs have let RT Eric Winston go and current LT has been
franchised, there's a lot of concern about Albert at RT, much of it
coming from the temperamental Albert himself.

To his credit, Albert has some reason for concern - with a (highly
paid) single year on the table, there's no security. A year at RT,
where he doesn't fit, could harm his stock.

So, I don't know. Kansas City clearly doesn't know who they're taking
(people that claimed it was a terrible year to have the #1 pick in 2011,
well, right now I'd easily take 3-5 people over anyone that might fit in
KC), and I don't know that it'll be Floyd. My only worry there is that
Floyd going #1 overall would kick off a massive flood of DTs in the top
12, where some teams could use bodies, diluting the chances of getting a
good player at 14 (or in the second). At this rate, if Floyd makes it
that high, Richardson will get sucked in behind him; Lotuleilei will
inevitably still be high on someone's board. That could leave Carolina
reaching for one of the NTs (Hankins, Jenkins) too high, or going
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