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Friday, March 1, 2013

Ron Edwards Cut Official

Carolina's making some headway finally, nipping at the cap issues in
slightly larger increments. Starting NT Ron Edwards, one of the few
outsiders brought in on the 2011 spending spree, was released today.
The move was expected, and I'm sure Edwards himself knew it was coming.

Having lost him for 2011 with a torn tricep in camp, Edwards made it
through 11 games this year without making that much of a difference.
The 33 year old held the point of attack most times against the run, but
didn't end up proving worth the investment. Carolina will likely look
for another nosetackle in free agency at a low cost, and will probably
consider drafting a backup - Andre Neblett, Sione Fua, and Frank Kearse
played the position without being remarkable, either.

The release of Edwards saves $2.5 million. Depending on what set of
numbers you believe, that would put Carolina at $4.1 million over the
cap; my numbers differ. As of today, I had Carolina at $6.6 million;
the supposed $2.4 million from restructuring Greg Olsen and $2.5 million
from dropping Edwards would leave the team at $1.7 million.

And that's without the recent cap altering (rumors have it at $123
million now). So, some room's been made today, either way, and they
still have some work to do.
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