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Monday, March 18, 2013

RBs Somehow More Costly; 2015

Early in the offseason, Jonathan Stewart's oddly reconstructed deal put
a million more toward the cap.

This weekend, Mike Tolbert's contract cost the Panthers another two,
exercising a 2014/2015 option. The option isn't expensive overall - and
certainly nothing like Deangelo Williams', more or less cementing
Williams' fate by next year.

But, necessary as these might be, it's just weird that spending the
initial hundred million dollars on backs wasn't costly enough.

Also, Pat Yasinskas, who tends to report raw data without any
perspective, presents the stark number for 2015 that there's $107
million wrapped up in 19 players (none of them Cam Newton). I don't
know if Pat is looking for shock value, or just doesn't want to bother
understanding them - but that's not an accurate representation of how
things will happen.

For one, yes, the last year of a contract is always inflated. Carolina
signed a ton of people in 2011, of which the fifth year is 2015
obviously. I'm willing to bet that at least 75% of those contracts will
have changed or ended by then. Most of them, as I've stated here before
many times, are cuttable by next year at the latest.

Yasinskas gives a gloomy outlook with no perspective, and possibly no
knowledge. It does look stark, and a modest minute or two to reason
why, suggest that yeah, that's how things go. They overspent in 2011,
and the salary part of that inflates that year. But it may as well not
exist already. Those contracts won't stand.
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