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Friday, March 1, 2013

Olsen Restructures

Greg Olsen restructured his contract today, providing $2.4 million in
cap relief this year.

The team took $3 million of salary and spread it across the remaining
years of his contract.

I had Carolina at $6.7 million on 2/20. That would put Carolina at
$4.3 million adding Olsen's restructure, and about 3.7 million including
the still under-reported Haruki Nakamura restructure.

The Observer claims $6.6 million as of right now.

Either way, as of yet, no one's actually been released. Ron Edwards
will inevitably be released, along with $2.5 million total savings.
There's yet to be any news on moves with Jordan Gross (salary $8.7
million, cap hit $11.7 million) or Chris Gamble ($7.95 million salary,
cap hit $10.95 million). Either could be restructured or cut; I don't
buy that Gamble is an automatic cut.

Either player could provide more than enough cap space if cut, but
either would also require a lot of resources to replace. I'd prefer a
restructure and added years on both players, personally.
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