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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New Rumors: Anderson Stays, Barnidge Going, Florence Coming?

The Charlotte Observer suggests that Derek Anderson, backup QB the last
two years (and in my opinion, one of the better backups Carolina has had
in the last decade at QB), will return instead of joining Rob Chudzinski
in Cleveland or testing any third options.

I don't mind the move if it happens - Anderson's better than Jimmy
Clausen. I just don't know what they're trying to prove with Clausen,
who hasn't worn a uniform in the regular season in two years. Many
teams don't carry a 3rd QB, and Clausen's expensive to just sit on.
There doesn't seem to be any trade value either.

Probably headed to the Browns, however, is 3rd TE Gary Barnidge, who
does appear headed to Chudzinski's offense in Cleveland. The athletic
size/speed guy hasn't produced much in five years here, but has value in
the offense if he were needed. Carolina re-signed Ben Hartsock to a
deal yesterday, that may leave Carolina looking for a younger 3rd guy.

Cornerback Drayton Florence is a new name, however. Apparently headed
to take a physical, a signing may be imminent. The 32 year old corner
had a tough 2012, with issues from a forearm injury and a separate
concussion issue. He played in 8 games, starting 3, last year, and has
experience in the slot, but can do either. He did have 3 INT each of
his last two years in Buffalo, and started each game; he had TDs in each
year as well, and seems to play the ball (and the run).

It's an odd choice - but an inexpensive one. Yes, going from Chris
Gamble to Drayton Florence is a downgrade. He's a body, and they're not
done. But let's hope the end result improves between now and then.
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