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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New Guys: Salary

Cash amounts on the various new Panthers have trickled down to the
internet, via and other outlets. And it shwos an amazing
amount of good deals for the value.

Derek Anderson - $850,000 (should count against the cap for $550,000 in
a veteran exemption)
Tedd Ginn Jr. - $750,000
Mike Mitchell - $725,000
D.J Moore - $715,000
Drayton Florence - $620,000
Ben Hartstock - $620,000
Captain Munnerlyn - $1.1 million ($300,000 signing bonus)
Richie Brockel (EFA) - $555,000

All of these are one year deals. I don't have details on Dwan Edwards'
contract at this point, but it's not expected that Edwards got much more
than the $1.5 million that he received last year, if they added a second

Excluding that deal, and assuming the other new salaries are not
exemptions - Drayton Florence is as vested as Anderson but makes less,
so he's likely not an exemption, for instance - I get $5.63 million.
So, they were able to get their top QB backup, a returner/receiver, a
potential starter at S, between the group up to two starting CB, and two
other blocking/special teams reserves for about 68% of Chris Gamble's

Or, about the amount they would've saved with a renegotiation instead
of running him off, but given his retirement, maybe a longer deal
wouldn't have helped.

But, as expected, Dave Gettleman's riding his one year deal idea
throughout the entire year. Can't wait to see what the guy does if he
were ever to have actual cap space, but that's dependent on getting a
couple of these guys to play just well enough to earn more one year
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