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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

James Anderson Cut

LB James Anderson, a 2006 3rd round pick from Virginia Tech, has been

Anderson, who was the lone LB standout in 2010, signed a 5 year, $22
million deal that was the least of the three LB deals of 2011; due to
earn $2.9 million, Anderson's salary is now gone. has him as a standard cut - which accelerates his 2014 and
2015 bonus to this year for a net of $200,000 savings. That savings
wouldn't be worth it (you can't replace him with a rookie free agent for
that money).

The other option is a June designation - which would push 2015's bonus
proration to 2014 (to go, of course, with 2014's portion staying there).
That would save $3 million. It'll be interesting to see which way they
go with the cut, since a June cut saves more now, but that bill does
come due.

Anderson's career was disappointing until his first starting season in
his fifth year of playing - 2010 was record breaking for team tackles in
a year. It came without Thomas Davis, and came with Jon Beason moving
around from WLB to MLB. He didn't stand out in 2011 with Beason and
Davis hurt, and 2012 was pedestrian as well. 2013 will come with
Anderson at a new address.
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