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Monday, March 11, 2013

Gross Working On Restructure

Jordan Gross leaked that negotiations were under way to reduce his cap
hit. Reading through the way it's presented by the Observer, it's hard
to say whether they're trying to add years, restructure by moving bonus
without adding years (somewhat tough to do, I guess, since Gross has
only this year and next on his deal), or if they're simply asking him to
reduce salary without any guarantees.

It may be a reduction in salary to keep playing in '13 and '14, at
least as a starting point. If they're willing to part with Gross, they
save $8.4 million.

I'd imagine they're interested in adding years, so they can spread
money around a bit - and since Gross' proration ends this year, there's
room to do it. But clearly the team doesn't want to put ten million a
year into him anymore either, and I can understand that. Gross is a
steady but not incredible presence anymore, and at 33, it's hard to say
what he has left.

So, the next move has to be a careful one. Hopefully there's a
realistic midpoint the two can find, so that Carolina isn't completely
starting over (or relying on finding a LT at 14 instead of picking the
best player). Or worse, patching the line up with a David Diehl type
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