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Friday, March 8, 2013

Gamble Cut

Chris Gamble was cut, after offseason expectation that it would happen.

The savings is $7.9 million, without much proration to accelerate.
It's expected to be the largest cut Carolina makes (the team would save
more by cutting Jordan Gross, but that isn't expected), and is only the
second starter to be cut (behind Ron Edwards).

Gamble was a top flight CB in 2011, and statistically ranked very well
in 2010 despite a non-performance related benching for a game that year.
He struggled a bit with injury in 2012 before being dropped on IR.

He's also the only first round pick to be cut in recent memory (2001's
Dan Morgan was cut in 2008; 2002's Julius Peppers left in 2010,
obviously, but that's not a cut).

I'm personally sad to see Gamble, who I still believe to be very
talented, leaving. There's no indication of whether Gamble had been
approached to negotiate (pay cut, add years, anything else). I don't
know that the team will have a better cornerback on staff next year, and
I don't know

The team did get along without Gamble at the end of the year, thanks to
a good rush, strong LB play and Charles Godfrey, along with the good
coaching of Steve Wilks to bring up the game of some other CBs down the
line (while Josh Norman faded, pending FA Captain Munnerlyn and
youngster Josh Thomas did a good job). But with Gamble gone, Munnerlyn
a free agent, and Haruki Nakamura expected to return as a backup only,
Carolina has three spots open on a secondary that can't afford to get

And today, it did.
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