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Monday, March 25, 2013

Edwards Returns

I see Dwan Edwards became official over the weekend.

Edwards, not unlike Captain Munnerlyn, was a free agent on a transitioning team - new GM, potentially outgoing coach - with an agent who'd talk big and say other teams were interested, offering deals, and so on.  It didn't end up mattering, with Edwards (again like Munnerlyn) waiting around for Carolina's counter offer.

So, Carolina had to cut three starters (Chris Gamble, Ron Edwards, and James Anderson) on defense, but have re-signed up to three (these two, and who knows if Haruki Nakamura has much shot at SS at his size), and that leaves up to 8 starters returning (assuming Munnerlyn does start).  The SS and other corner job appear to come from in-house options or the other recent signees.

So far, so good.

I like Edwards returning.  He was a less flashy option than Chris Canty (a Raven now) or Cullen Jenkins (replacing Canty in NY), and he has some limited ability against the run.  But, while his six sacks gets overblown (the Observer lackeys even mistakenly attributed those six as being second best on the team - come on, we can do better than that), he's a good player to return at a low price.

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