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Friday, March 1, 2013

DL Future: Edwards, Edwards, Hardy

The Charlotte Observer states that the team is "likely" to return Dwan
Edwards, the team's starting under tackle, and that they're interested
in offering Greg Hardy a long term deal. It's hard to suggest how
reputable the info is, but it's not a stretch that the team would want
to keep Hardy, and they've talked with Edwards.

Hardy, a two year starter, had 4 sacks in 2011, but led the team in
pressure. He exploded in the weight room in the offseason, adding 20
lbs, and then provided 11 sacks in 15 games this season, second on the

The article also suggests the likely cut of Ron Edwards, the team's
other starter inside, and would need a new nose tackle to start. If the
team keep the other Edwards at a decent price, in my opinion, they'd
still need to put a good draft pick into another under tackle,
3-technique type lineman. At 32, Edwards doesn't have a longterm
future. Behind him, there's nothing interesting on the team at this

At end, of course, there's depth. Behind Hardy and Charles Johnson,
there's Frank Alexander; Antwan Applewhite is a free agent, but a
roleplayer like that can be had cheaply. They have Nate Chandler, a
widebody who plays more end than tackle despite his size, and sets the
edge well; they have Thomas Keiser, a physically unimposing backup who
has a knack for making plays (he has 4.5 sacks, a defensed pass, and an
INT, in 12 career games).

I'm a little torn on keeping Dwan Edwards; he didn't seem to get as
much pressure as he's given credit for (8 pressures and 6 sacks), and
he's not that good against the run. Again, the team can't stand pat at
DT right now. But Hardy, yeah, I'll take a few more years of him.
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