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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

DJ Moore Signed

Carolina has signed cornerback DJ Moore to a one year deal, per Moore's
twitter account.

The Spartanburg native and graduate at Vanderbilt was a 4th round pick
in 2009 for the Chicago Bears, where he saw extensive time as a
nickelback over the final three years (and where he provided 10 INT).

At 5'9, 180, Moore isn't the biggest matchup guy, but has a nose for
the ball and will stay involved in the run game as well.

The move adds another potential starter to 2nd year Josh Norman and 4th
year Josh Thomas, each of which started at points last year, and veteran
journeyman Drayton Florence, a newcomer.

Carolina had made recent overtures to free agent corner Captain
Munnerlyn to return as well; the initial reaction on Moore's signing
might suggest that Munnerlyn isn't returning, but it may be too early to
know for sure. Munnerlyn started much of the year as well, and is a
very good roleplayer; I doubt, for the right price, Carolina would turn
down his return still.

To further the potential speculation on Moore, he also stated that he'd
be willing to move to safety in the recent past, before Chicago chose
not to pursue another contract. Carolina has a need at safety as well.

The Panthers aren't, by any means, rock solid at CB right now, and
appear to be stacking competition players to fill spots, inviting the
potential to take a cornerback at the right time in the draft instead of
requiring it as a need.
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