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Monday, March 11, 2013

Chris Gamble Retires

In a very interesting move, Chris Gamble decided to call it a career.
The cornerback, a 1st rounder in 2004, played for Carolina his entire
career (9 years), and has chosen to not start a new team. Through his
agent, Carl Poston, he's chosen to call it a career.

He'd come under - well, I guess it wasn't really criticism, but notice
- from Darin Gantt. It wasn't really a negative, but the suggestion was
he never really left a footprint. That, for being here those nine
years, he wasn't outspoken, or flashy, but that he did his job well and
didn't cause trouble overall.

And, now, with talent still in the tank and not much wear on him, it
appears he's got the ability to walk away on his terms. Maybe, if
Carolina does need him, he can be had in September.
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