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Friday, March 15, 2013

A Couple Quick Updates

*Derek Anderson is official, if I haven't posted that. No idea if
they'll want to keep Jimmy Clausen, but there's not a rush to make
anything happen either way.

*Dwan Edwards is being offered a one year deal, and supposedly other
teams are offering more.
I like that - Edwards' production feels inflated (6 sacks and barely 10
pressures), he's a run liability, and he's not the only DT on the
market. Carolina lowballing, and him suggesting other offers, gives the
intent of Edwards being willing to discuss options (and not
automatically taking the supposed better offer).

*Looks like funding will come from something other than a voted-on tax
in Charlotte for the stadium. Makes sense - the city was going to
deliver their part, and the team gets what I still believe to be a
somewhat deserved bump. If Dell can get a huge bag of cash from Winston
Salem to come for a couple of years and leave town, Charlotte can have a
little in the budget for the billion dollar enterprise on Mint St.

*Mike Goodson got 3 years, $7 million from the Jets. The former Panther
barely played for Oakland last year, but excelled in that time. If he
can keep the fumbles down, it's a good time to seize a good job there.

*it feels like the market is starting to flatten out. With some good
deals signed by safeties and guards, the starting level contracts are
drying up. Carolina should be heard from more in the next few days on
some inexpensive S, CB contracts, and hopefully, DT, G, and a 3rd WR.
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