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Thursday, March 14, 2013

2010 Draft On Life Support

Remember when we thought the 2010 draft was the start of something big?

What ended up being a stopgap because of budgetary issues - not signing
a veteran backup QB, or veteran WRs, for instance - is coming to a head.
A draft that had up to 12 picks for the team,

Carolina, so far, has produced from that draft:

*a little less than a year's worth of starting QB - Jimmy Clausen,
something that everyone's more or less willing to forget;

*a few years' worth of starting WR in Brandon LaFell (118 rec, 1758
yards, 8 TD)

*A few trick plays out of Armanti Edwards, that included two
completions for 12 yards and finally pitched in 5 rec/121 yards last
year, and a career 7yd/punt, 19/kick return average.

*minimal contribution from Eric Norwood, who really looked like a
player, along with the three DBs picked in the 6th round.

*A monster 2012 from Greg Hardy at DE, and a solid 2011. Which is
excellent for a 6th round pick, but Hardy always had 1st round talent.
Any player that pitches in 10 sacks in a year as a draftee? That
player's doing well.

*No real contribution from QB Tony Pike, picked just to fill the

It's entirely possible that Edwards and Clausen, low on depth charts
but making a lot of money to sit in sweats another year, might be cut
this offseason.

So, outside of Lafell and Hardy, the 2010 draft existed mostly in 2010.
And those two are in contract years, so in a year, that draft could
completely not exist.
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