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Monday, February 18, 2013

Woodson, Canty Can't Cure Panthers

Chris Canty wants to take a hometown discount, and Charles Woodson is
looking. Does this complete the Panthers' defense?

In a world with unlimited chances and no consequences, of course.
Woodson is still a very good defender, if not as good at coverage. As a
nickel, he has corner skill and linebacker ability around the line -
he's the idea hybrid defender, the guy who can take on a tight end split
out, or beat a block and take down the ballcarrier. Canty, in theory,
is a better option historically over Dwan Edwards, and a better run
defender. That fills their DT hole, with some help from a rookie nose
tackle in the draft.

But, that's not the world we love in. Far from.

Woodson, for one, at 37 will want a high amount of money right now.
Canty's expected value suggests that any "discount" will still be rich
for the team's ability, currently over the cap and facing some very
difficult choices with veteran starters like Chris Gamble and Jordan

Even then, I don't know that either player would provide enough on
their own. Canty, without a good nosetackle, probably takes on too many
doubleteams to be productive inside. Woodson here, without good corners
on the outside, just means the QB stays on his primary target.

I also think it's interesting Ahmad Bradshaw was dropped, given that I
was beaten over the head about how Bradshaw was a better option than
Deangelo Williams. Sometimes the better cap contract still doesn't help
you. Williams himself might be dealt with, of course. Any second
contract for a running back can tend toward harm for the player or team,
and I don't have a solution for it.

For now, it appears it will take more inexpensive options to fill
similar needs. Let's hope new GM Dave Gettleman has it in him to find
some bargains.
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