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Friday, February 22, 2013

Talking with Dwan Edwards

Carolina has reached out to future free agent DT Dwan Edwards, a camp
pickup who posted 6 sacks in 2012.

With a fair bit of cap still in need of being cut, and not much
progress made, it's hard to say what that's about. Edwards is an asset,
but not a long term one - at 32 when the season starts, it's hard to
sign him long term, and it's hard to pay him on a nice one year deal
without more money to spend.

Carolina hasn't made, as far as anyone's aware, overtures toward other
pending starters as free agents (CB Captain Munnerlyn, S Sherrod
Martin), yet. At all three positions, it feels like it's time for an
overhaul - S will also likely drop Haruki Nakamura, CB would likely also
cut Chris Gamble, DT will cut Ron Edwards. So, those three positions
would retain only one starter (Charles Godfrey) from its six starting

So, in a way, I can see retaining Edwards, or at least playing him off
Chris Canty, and seeing who might be willing to make something happen.
Canty is a better overall player - Edwards is mostly a rush/penetrate
guy, who can't help much against the run. But, with a better nose
tackle, would either be OK?

This shouldn't impact the draft - none of them are good enough to keep
Carolina from dropping a high pick on a DT.
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