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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Smitty Speaks On Youth

Steve Smith has always had opinions, and on WFNZ this week, he didn't
hold back much about this team's structure.

Smith noted that recently the team has relied too heavily on rookies at
times, and mentioned rookie LG Amini Silatolu as a guy who had some
struggles. He also noted that Silatolu can become dominant, so he's not
questioning his talent; just whether or not he was put in too early.

He also mentioned that he preferred help at DT, and mentioned Sheldon
Richardson. The Missouri prospect is a long armed, long legged,
athletic tackle who plays the run very well, but despite his athletic
ability, hasn't closed the deal at the quarterback so far, but looks
like he can get pressure when he gets leverage after a very quick first
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