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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Nakamura, Williams Staying?

So far, Dave Gettleman has tried to keep the band together.

They've more or less ensured that Haruki Nakamura will stay, though as a backup.  His 2nd year value was higher, assuming he'd possibly start; he's taken a pay cut to stay (thanks to fellow blogger Ted for the tip). He'll save $500k and have a chance at free agency a year early and incentives, instead of being cut.

That lines him up to be able depth, a top special teams player (at one point, Nakamura had logged as many snaps as any player on the roster, with over 90% of D and ST snaps, but finished at around 60% due to injury), and it means that dead cap space goes toward a player who'll help out, not one that'll be playing for someone else.

As well, Joseph Person of the Observer states that Deangelo Williams is staying.
Williams' $8.2 million cap number is cumbersome, but would cost to cut him.  Next year, not unlike most 2011 contracts, Williams becomes cuttable.    So, it may just be a matter of practicality - don't eat cap space in '14 for a player who won't be there in '13.

I imagine that the Saints game couldn't have hurt Williams' case.  But, that was against a historically bad defense.  Williams underperformed all year, otherwise - he did also have 93 yards against San Diego - but part of that is also a lack of run dedication and a push to run a lot from shotgun and/or the zone read, veer option type plays.   Jonathan Stewart can take those a bit better, but both player requires a lot more downhill running - not first down shotgun draws, not delay handoff options.

However, I'd also caution one thing - Williams may still be trade bait.
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