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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Former Panthers Coaching In AZ

Brentson Buckner and Mike Caldwell, two members of the 2003 Super Bowl
Participant team, are now members of the Cardinals coaching staff.

Buckner, as line coach, is best remembered as being a loud-mouthed part
of the 2002-03 defensive lines, if not as much for openly loafing on the
team in a disastrous 2001 season. The 12 year vet had not played since
2005, and has no college or pro coaching experience (he coached private
high school in the Charlotte area for a short time).

Caldwell, who only played for Carolina in 2003, was a coach for the
Eagles from 08-12, starting with two years as a QC coach and finishing
as a full LBs coach. Caldwell was the only coach in the Juan Castillo
era that came out somewhat unscathed, since Castillo and DL coach Jim
Washburn were fired and DBs coach Todd Bowles was promoted. Bowles is
now DC with the Cardinals.
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