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Monday, February 25, 2013

Cullen Jenkins Cut

DT Cullen Jenkins has been cut by the Eagles.

This is interesting information for various reasons - he fits our
defense; he's the brother of Kris Jenkins; and, he was a part of a
massive signing class by the Eagles in 2011.

The Eagles were, at the time, considered by some fans to be much
smarter, having signed a ton of big names from outside the team (most of
which are now gone. Carolina spent most of its money on re-signing its
own, with mixed results, though most of them are continuing with the
team as of now.

Jenkins becomes the latest in early-30s experienced pass rushers to be
available. Carolina has reached out to incumbent DT Dwan Edwards to
consider re-signing, and there's been interest from Chris Canty (if not
interest from the team, yet). I imagine Jenkins could draw interest.
Either way, the market for over-30 DTs figures not to be as expensive
now that there's a few of them together, and if nothing else, it will
help show that Edwards isn't really a long term solution.

As for Jenkins as a viable member of this team? There's nothing from
his brother that suggests he would dissuade him from coming to Carolina;
with 9.5 sacks in the last two years (16.5 including 2010), he's been
decent at pushing the pocket and appears a more complete player than the
run-deficient Edwards. Cost would be an issue to a point. And, Jenkins
leaves the need for a NT open, of course; it would merely be as a reason
to not require reaching for a DT if none are available in the first
round or two. But, with limited resources, Carolina might have to
simply choose between Jenkins, Canty, and Edwards under who'll accept
the low bid.

There's been suggestion of him going back to Green Bay, but that's hard
to say. Jenkins feels like a better one gap DT at this point, and Green
Bay remains a two gap 3-4. That would also keep him a less likely
choice for the Saints and Browns, currently retooling toward a two-gap.
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