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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cap update

The media in general appears to be confused about the cap issues, and
in turn they're confusing everyone else.

First, there was a suggestion by Pat Yasinskas that the Panthers were
at $131 million after moving some 2012 cap space to 2013; then he
reported that Ryan Kalil's restructure leaves them at $131 million.

At the time there was a statement that Kalil's restructure included a
$2.2 million savings. Jason Jones of the Observer now reports it to be
$3.45 million. So, which is it? I feel like I have a good handle on
this stuff, and their hesitance and story-changing over time has cast
some doubt on that.

If we go with the best case scenario - $131M before Kalil's restructure
- Carolina's at $127 mil and change. Going with the worst - $131 after
Kalil's $2.2 mil changeup - that's a whole different situation.

It feels like the most likely scenario is $131 million before Kalil's
$2.2 million change, based on the math I can find on Kalil's contract.

The discrepancy is apparently whether Kalil, due a $4 million option
bonus, received that bonus. He converted $5 million in salary to
guarantee, which definitely happened, but did he take a cut on the
amount of the option bonus? My guess is no, and there's no real reason
he would, but I don't know., which isn't official, suggests
they prorated 2.05 million from here out for five years, which including
a $250,000 workout bonus, is $1.8 million per year from here on (1.8 mil
* 5 years is $9 million total, so both the bonus and guaranteeing the
salary would've happened).

So, it's an odd situation. Since Yasinskas seems to have Kalil's math
correct, but obviously re-reporting the $131 million both before and
after a cut in Kalil's number would be a major oversight.

Carolina is, depending on who you ask, somewhere between $7 and $11
million over the cap. It's almost time to do the wrong thing with Chris
Gamble and cut him, and then the requisite extension of Jordan Gross'
contract. Then, they'll drop some underperforming roleplayers (Ron
Edwards, Haruki Nakamura, and so on), and hopefully make something
interesting happen after that.

Until then, we'll get inundated by cap numbers that the pro writers
can't get straight, until the national media eventually chimes in with
the right number.
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