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Monday, February 25, 2013

A Few Words On Cordarrelle Patterson and Keenan Allen

Cordarrelle Patterson has gained a lot of attention lately - the Rock
Hill native is blazing in workouts, and he's recently stated himself to
have grown up a Panthers fan. So, naturally, there's a lot of fan buzz
on him. And, in theory, what's not to love? He's a 6'3, 205 lb
receiver, who wants to be here.

But, a first rounder into Patterson works on some levels - the deep
ball, maybe the return game, and the WR screens - but it has its
challenges. Patterson's routes are problematic, as are his breaks in
general. He's not precise. And, he only played 12 games at Tennessee,
having come out of community college prior. It worked with Cam Newton,
but it generally causes more projects than breakout stars.

On the other hand, Greensboro native Keenan Allen is seemingly falling.
The Cal star is coming off knee surgery, and won't work out at combine.
In an interesting twist, Panthers WR coach Ricky Proehl appears to be
coaxing Allen to workout at Proehlific Park, Proehl's own training
facility in Greensboro (making it a Pro Day that I would try to attend).
The 6'3, 210 lb Allen is being seen by Dr. James Andrews, who was also
the ace in the hole that helped with Jonathan Stewart.

With his size, and more physical play, some suggest he's a similar
player to Anquan Boldin. Others, seeing his school and overall skills,
see him as being able to do what Desean Jackson does in a larger
package. He runs precise routes, has the experience (3 years at Cal,
205 receptions and 18 TDs) and shows short and long speed on tape.
But, the knee injury will cause him to fall on most boards, even though
it should be temporary.

So, I'd exercise caution. For one, his team has a ton of young WR.
None like these two, but certainly, young guys. In my opinion, while
the team could use another dynamic playmaker, and they have to deal with
the pending free agency of Brandon LaFell in a year, I don't know if I'd
really worry about these two that hard. Allen makes a lot more sense of
the two tall WR, and has more experience. But the PCL strain/tear makes
it tougher to know where he is physically.

And, honestly, it feels like a lower need, despite the team only having
LaFell one more year. WRs have a short payoff window, and Carolina
needs contribution now.
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