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Sunday, February 24, 2013

40 times/workouts: Combine OL

It's another installment of the "40 times only somewhat matter" series (more rickety names were not available at press time).  Let's just jump in:

The most interesting bit is about Chance Warmack.  Observer reporter Joseph Person* recently suggested that UNC OL Jonathan Cooper gained a lot of ground on Warmack; Cooper ran a 5.07, Warmack ran 5.49.  That's a terrible attitude - and the pair had a very similar 10-yard.  So the pair both get off the ball well for their size.  I don't think Warmack lost anything.  Whether Cooper gained?  Maybe.  His high bench press was useful as well.   In a way I can see it on Warmack, because as an elite prospect he shouldn't have flaws like that.  But, I see him as a top 15 guy, not a top 5.

Furthermore, I'm sure some guys made their way up the pole by having run well at one drill (i.e., they trained hard for the 40 despite it being marginally useful for a lineman).  Six players ran a sub 5.0 40 as linemen, and two broke 4.8 - which no one had done previously as a lineman.

Only two guys weighed in under 300 - hard to believe - and no one over 340.  Largest OT DJ Fluker was respectably athletic, too - though 21 reps on the bench could be better.

I like the concept pushed - that lower ranked guys can still meet a number of these physical criteria, as opposed to starting to rank a guy higher because he excelled at one.  That puts David Quesenberry, Reid Fragel, and the ridiculously fast Terran Armstead as guys who might actually deserve to rise.

Hopefully something like that will come out for DL soon as well.

*not unlike most local reporters, you get too much opinion with Person, and not enough substance.
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