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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Toub Out in Chicago; ST opening

Dave Toub, Chicago ST coach and head coach candidate for various jobs
the last few years, isn't considered a serious candidate for the Bears
job (if you can make any sense of a job search with 15+ candidates).
It's stated that he's not going to stick around for the job under the
next Bears coach - and he's interviewed with Carolina and Kansas City
already. suggests that Toub is leaning toward Kansas City.
If Bears Assistant Special Teams Coach Kevin O'Dea isn't going to stay
with the Bears, he may be a candidate as well. So far, the only other
action the team has found? They've been denied the ability to speak
with Chris Tabor, the Browns' ST coach, along with five other teams.
That would assume he'll stay in Cleveland.*

Danny Crossman is out in Detroit, but Carolina has avoided that
disaster once again, as he's on his way to Buffalo. That puts Bruce
Dehaven in play, and to this point I haven't heard anything on Bobby
April either. I'd take any of them at this point.

*Speaking of the Browns, Norv Turner is officially out of play, going
with the Browns as expected. Nothing yet on other offensive assistants,
including poaching any from the Panthers or Chargers; it's assumed Scott
Turner will go, but as of yet, nothing stated. It may be that a
promotion to WRs coach could keep him, but I doubt it.
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