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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Shurmur Also an OC Candidate

Pat Shurmur, recently fired as Browns head coach, will interview with the Panthers for the offensive coordinator job.

Shurmur, a longtime Eagles assistant with ties to head coach Ron Rivera, was TEs coach when Rivera was hired as LBs coach there.  Shurmur worked up to QBs coach - and interviewed with the Panthers in 2007 for their OC job, which eventually went to Jeff Davidson.

In 2009 he went with former Eagles staffer Steve Spagnuolo (after his NYG stint) to St. Louis, where he was OC for the Rams.  The Rams finished in the bottom 25% of offenses in both years, though admittedly bridging the gap between a highly aged Marc Bulger and a very green Sam Bradford.

Nonetheless, Shurmur was hired as Browns head coach for 2011-12.  Those offenses finished 30th points/29th yards, and 24th in points/25th in yards in two years.  Shurmur, as well, had issues in delegation and didn't have an OC his first year.

A WCO style coach, I don't honestly see the fit.  It would be scheme change, and while a moving pocket couldn't hurt Cam Newton, the rest probably would.  There would be a lot of bad fits for the WCO.  My assumption is that they're interviewing Shurmur as a candidate to be able to hire him as a QBs coach, should they determine Mike Shula is their new OC.
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