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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Shula Interviews For OC

There was internet chatter over the potential candidacy of Mike Shula
for OC, whether he was a serious candidate or whether he'd interview.
THe Observer states that Shula interviewed Wednesday for the position,
two days after candidates Hue Jackson and Pat Shurmur interviewed.

Here's where Shula gets interesting - he provides the necessary
continuity, has a relationship with Cam Newton, and would still allow
the team to hire an OC and a head coach-experienced QBs coach based on
the fit with Newton (either Jackson or Shurmur). At this point, with
Shula having the experience at coaching Alabama, all three candidates
fit an ideal of a former head coach with previous coordinating

Truthfully, if the team played its cards right, it could hire each
candidate - if Jackson would come aboard as WRs coach, the team could
promote Shula and hire Shurmur as QBs coach. Jackson has experience
with WRs in his history. However, that would depend on a lack of ego
and pride, and honestly I believe Jackson to be too good a coach to just
drop in at WRs.

In moderately related news, the Broncos have promoted QBs coach Adam
Gase to OC to replace Mike McCoy. The Panthers haven't officially
expressed interest in Ken Whisenhunt, but he had been considered an
option in Denver. There's no connection between Whiz and Rivera, and
he's never coached any of the position coach jobs open in Carolina, so
it's believed that chatter about Whisenhunt would be nothing more than
that - chatter.

Still no word on potential position coaches so far. It appears that
the Browns are leaning toward Raheem Morris as DC, but if you're hoping
to land John Pagano, he seems more destined to stay in San Diego. With
the Marc Trestman hire, it appears Rod Marinelli is on the move, so the
future of Rivera associate Bob Babich is cloudy (which might lend him
toward a hire here for LBs).

Either way, the Senior Bowl is 1/28, and as much as it is a scouting
combine, it's also a coaching job fair. So it's assumed something might
happen by then, but if not, by the Bowl itself.
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