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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Running Out Of Assistant Options

After Carolina resolved a number of their assistant options, they're running out of other options to fill LB coach, or if they wanted, QBs coach.

At LBs coach, it appears Brian Van Gorder is what's left, after Bob Babich is now DC in Jacksonville and John Pagano has stayed in San Diego.

I'm still hoping for a quarterbacks coach, though Pat Shurmur is OC in Philly now (what an odd hire), and Hue Jackson isn't likely to jump here now that he's been passed over as OC.  I do still hope they make something happen there.

FWIW, I really liked the hire of Pep Hamilton in Indy.  I didn't assume he'd be available, but the college coordinator move to pro coordinator is becoming popular now.
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