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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ross, Gettleman To Interview

New York Giants' Pro Personnel Director  Dave Gettleman and College Scouting Director Marc Ross have been requested to interview with Carolina, the Giants have released. 

The pair are the top two executives under GM Jerry Reese, who has directed the Giants to two titles in five seasons.  Since the Giants weren't in the playoffs, both are immediately available.  Permission was granted by the Giants.  Apparently, the same has been offered for Ross to the Jets as well. 

Proximity of the two executives together, to go with the Jets' interest in Ross, may prompt Panthers execs to travel instead of host, much as they did in the coaching search of 2011.  It might provide quicker access to Ross, who had interviewed with various teams in the past as well, and cover Gettleman's interview quickly as well.  

So far, no word on other candidates.  At least a few, assumedly, would still be in the playoffs. 
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