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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ross’ Dance Card Fills

Marc Ross, Giants College Personnel Director, is being very highly sought at this point. Aside from the Panthers, the Jets and Chargers have asked to interview. Ross has become a hot name leaguewide and may not stop at three teams, weighing the potential of various openings. At this time there are six teams at minimum looking.


Maybe that’s why Dave Gettleman is considered by some as the front runner in Carolina. The more experienced, pro personnel side of the Giants’ front office, Gettleman isn’t as highly sought, but doesn’t appear to be less talented. At this point I’m convinced that the Panthers would be happy with either, and that Gettleman isn’t a Plan B guy.

Ross, not unlike coach Ron Rivera, has had a number of interviews – and will continue to interview. Why that becomes a negative to a prospect I’m unsure – but, it does carry a negative connotation. In Rivera’s case, he’s suggested that as a Rooney Rule candidate,

In Ross’ situation, there aren’t really many alternatives for Rooney candidates (Joey Clinkscales of the Raiders, who’s been out there less than a year). So it’s a win-win at the time – teams get their requisite interview with a serious candidate out of the way; Ross gets wined and dined while showing other teams there’s interest. I imagine after a while, the perception becomes that Ross gets passed by, moreso than the reality that he gets more interviews as a promising minority candidate.

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