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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Rob Chudzinski Gone To Cleveland

Panthers OC Rob Chudzinski was hired by the Cleveland Browns.  It's his third stint in Cleveland - first as a TEs coach, then as OC for two years, and he's a Toledo native.

It's definitely a setback for Carolina, just moving forward with a new GM yesterday and keeping Ron Rivera as of only Saturday.  Now, they have to find the team's 8th offensive coordinator in its 18 year history.

No word yet on what Carolina wants to do to replace him, but it's likely they're just finding out.  I'm certain they're interested in Norv Turner here, but Chudzinski will want him for Cleveland, too.  Not getting Turner would mean losing Scott Turner as well.   Chud and the younger Turner are a strong team, but if the elder Turner came here, it would be difficult to see him go.

I would imagine Mike Shula would be a candidate, as would Chargers QBs coach John Ramsdell, both Coryell guys (the two could team well, honestly).   There's no real association, but I'm sure that Hue Jackson, another Coryell guy, could become available if Jay Gruden doesn't leave as a head coach, since the Bengals let position coaches leave for promotions.

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