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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Marc Ross Profile

First brought up here in October, Marc Ross is potentially the first interview for Carolina.

      The 39 year old Princeton grad has 16 total years in scouting.  Getting his start as a public relations intern for the 1995 training camp under the Giants, he was hired to the Columbia University athletics department.
 Added to the Eagles' personnel department in 1996, he moved up as an Eastern regional scout in '97, and again in 2000 as the youngest college scouting director in the league at the time (age 27).  Fired in 2003 ito promote eventual GM Howie Roseman, Ross moved on to Buffalo as a national college scout.

       He was hired by the Giants in the wake of the 2007 draft, the first season of Jerry Reese succeeding the retired Ernie Accorsi.  Accorsi now consults for Carolina in addition to his duties as the chair of the General Managers Committee for the NFL -- he never worked directly with Ross but worked with most of the guys Ross has worked with.

        Ross, an all-Ivy League receiver at Princeton 1993 and 1994, graduated in 1994 with a sociology degree, and received a Master's in Sports Management from the University of Massachusetts.

In my opinion, Ross may be the brightest available candidate.  His flaw as a general manager would be a relative lack of experience with the pro personnel and cap end.  He'd need an experienced player in that realm, which might come with recently released Browns GM Tom Heckert, who had been Eagles GM after Ross left the Eagles.  Heckert appears to be headed to wherever Andy Reid heads, but has an association with Ross (Heckert was promoted to Directer of Pro Personnel in 2003, when Ross received his college promotion) and knows the pro side.  But, any good Pro Personnel Director would be required.
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