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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Jim Skipper Fired in TN

Former Carolina staffer Jim Skipper, the last two years spent as RBs coach with the Titans, has been let go.

Skipper, a former XFL head coach, occasional head coach candidate in the college ranks, and Carolina’s RBs coach from 2002-2010, was also John Fox’s assistant head coach from 2006-2010.  A constant force on the sidelines, standing within reach of Fox at all times, Skipper wasn’t slated to go with Fox to Denver (Eric Studesville, the interim head coach, was promised to stay), and Carolina chose not to keep him on Ron Rivera’s staff.  However, that was to the protest of the RBs on roster at the time.

While it’s probable that the only remaining back from Skipper’s tenure for next year will be Jonathan Stewart (the team had 4 backs in 2011’s camp that had an attachment to Skipper), it’s possible that, if RBs coach John Settle doesn’t return for any of various reasons, Skipper might be sought as a replacement.  However, it’s unlikely the team would fire Settle at this point, and Skipper has no association to any coaches on staff.   Still, a selling point for bringing in WRs coach Fred Graves was a connection to Steve Smith, so who knows.
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