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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Interest In Lake Dawson

per the Charlotte Observer, the Carolina Panthers have shown interest in, but have not yet requested to interview, Titans Vice President of Personnel Lake Dawson.

The 41 year old Dawson was a 3rd round pick out of Notre Dane in 1994.  He played for four seasons for the Chiefs, and was rostered for two more with the Colts but never played due to chronic knee issues.

Dawson pursued an MBA at Notre Dame before joining the Seahawks as a Pro Personnel Assistant in 2001.  Moving to the Titans in 2007 as Pro Personnel Director, he moved up to VP/Football Operations last year, before getting a salary bump to Vice President of Personnel after interviewing with the Rams last season.

His entire career has been in pro personnel.  Like Dave Gettleman, that may give him an advantage as the GM role and pro personnel role go more hand in hand, dealing with internal issues, not just prospects.

Dawson, in a way, creates a unique compromise between Gettleman and Marc Ross, the two candidates so far - Dawson has a good school history and playing history, with a similar charisma to Ross', but carries pro personnel experience and strong business sense.  Being a former NFL player isn't a negative by any means - Dawson doesn't have as much experience as the two Giants candidates, but that experience as a player would likely be valuable.  

The team "showing interest" likely means contact from Accorsi, but not an official request for interview.  

I think it's interesting that two of the first three candidates started out as wide receivers, if nothing else.  Whether it just happened that way, or Accorsi is pandering to JR blatantly, I think Dawson is a talented young pro personnel exec that, if bolstered by an experienced assistant GM and/or an experienced College Personnel Director, could go far with this team.
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