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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Hue Jackson: Potential OC

Carolina has requested to speak to Bengals assistant Hue Jackson, former coordinator at Cal, USC, Redskins, Falcons, Raiders (and later head coach).  Jackson, in the pros since 2001, has also been a pro QBs coach and WRs coach. 
A Coryell disciple, Jackson would be a good fit; in my opinion he was a good OC, and even a decent head coach in 2011 (8-8) whose issues stemmed more from Al Davis’ death and an odd power vacuum than coaching acumen.  His time as QBs coach in Baltimore was fruitful, and it’s worth noting that OL Coach John Matsko was on staff with him.
An interesting sidestory for Jackson might be hiring from his past for the openings at RB and WR coaches; a QBs coach under Cam Cameron (a Chapel Hill native), Jackson may look to Cameron to be a WRs coach (and his eyes in the press box).    As well, it may be worth reaching to Jackson’s Oakland days for Senior Consultant Al Saunders, a Coryell heir – Al worked directly under Don Coryell, and at one point replaced him.  
Kelly Skipper was his RBs coach in Oakland, which may land he or his father, Jim (a longtime Carolina assistant) in that role.   Sanjay Lal was his WRs coach that season, and may make sense there as well. His “Passing Game Coordinator”, Ted Tollner, may be a hire at WRs coach.
Any of that suggests that Ron Rivera would oversee the hires with Jackson’s input – that may not be the case, Rivera may not request input. Rob Chudzinski had recommended Mike Shula, but most other hires seem to have come from Rivera without suggestion.
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