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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Gettleman: First Impressions

After incoming GM Dave Gettleman's press conference, and with about a
week passing since his hire, time to analyze a bit.

He definitely appears competent, and personable. He certainly appears
knowledgeable. In that, I suggest that he sidestepped the pending moves
by the team because decisions haven't been made, and shouldn't have been
made, moreso than that he has no idea about the expensive side of the
roster or the salary cap issues.

A few have already painted the 61 year old as old-fashioned, and I
don't believe that'll be the case coming out of the vet. I certainly
hope it doesn't change how he approaches things, regarding advanced
stats or advancing

I think it was interesting that Gettleman stated his role changed of
his own volition. I don't know what the difference is between Pro
Personnel Director and Senior Personnel Analyst, but it does seem to
pair with the idea that Gettleman, not a big self-promoter, needed a new
role to be able to prep for a run at a GM role.

*Age was a consideration for Richardson, too

I think it's interesting that the buzz on Gettleman was that the team
wanted someone experienced.
So why didn't anyone else on Ernie Accorsi's list have the experience
Gettleman did? The rest, minus CFL GM Jim Popp, didn't have experience
in the role; all had some level of scouting background and over a
decade's worth of experience, but Gettleman was the only really
experienced guy. So if that's what they were after, why bring in only
one guy that fit that description?

*Don't expect a ton of changes immediately

Darin Gantt at PFT pushes this (as many other things relating to
Carolina lately, as a negative) as a probability. He doesn't, however,
state why. It's not a lack of decisiveness, or being stuck in his ways.
The end result is that, if there are any available coaches or scouts
that Gettleman can add, he might - but some of the existing execs on
Mint St might continue on, at least through May. The scouting cycle
really ends after the draft, and that might be a better time to make any
necessary additions or changes.

Even then, there's a chance that the team might stand pat.

*Brandon Beane wasn't a serious candidate

It's hard to say if Beane did in fact interview, but it appears based
on what the team released in its statements, Beane was never really a
factor. His title has returned to its Football Operations past. That's
a bit of a relief, that there was no serious threat for he or any other
non-football guy to become GM.

*Team Personnel
I liked Gettleman's statements about the lines. That's been a sore
spot on the team in the last few years, and it needs an infusion of
toughness. Suggesting QB, receivers, and rushers were the biggest
concern for any team, and then mentioning the lines, my only additional
worry is whether there'll be as much concern to DBs.

I like the thoughts about overspending and sentimentality. That will
inevitably cause me some hurt (former 1st rounders for instance that now
look somewhat endangered), but the idea of proper valuation makes sense.
An amount of pain will happen, but hopefully it will lead to some of
the "gold mine" roleplayers he mentioned.

I'm not unhappy with Gettleman. He's the best guy to come in and clean
up the cap issues. He's going to work hard, and not be power hungry; if
it doesn't work out overall, the hope is that at the least, the pro side
will be more evenly bolstered. There are no platitudes or meaningless
vows about doing it a specific way, for instance "building through the
draft" specifically, or a rigid methodology. So far, so good.
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