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Saturday, January 5, 2013

George Paton Next Candidate

I don't know George Paton: here's a rundown of the Vikings Assistant GM on their website.  Browns have also requested to interview him.  As Asst. GM, he'd have a full-picture situation that the Scouting Directors may not have.

        With Ron Rivera in place for 2013, it appears the team's GM search can finally make headway Monday.  News outlets expect 5 or 6 interviews, with the Giants' Marc Ross and Dave Gettleman a part of it; Paton is on the list, and it appears Brandon Beane is still somehow a candidate.  No official word on Lake Dawson yet, or any other candidate.

         So, the team should have a GM in about a week.  It has a coach, and that's a start.
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