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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Chris Harris: Now A Coach

Former Panther and Bear Chris Harris recently retired, but he didn't
stay idle long.

He's now a defensive quality control coach for the Bears.

The hard-hitting Harris essentially outplayed his own career, wearing
down after a massive 2007 here in Carolina that saw him pull 8 forced
fumbles, and a 2008 that included a couple jarring hits in the first two
games before Harris started to fade. Most notably, I remember a
Chargers season opener in which Harris took on a pulling guard and
knocked him back into ballcarrier LaDainian Tomlinson.

So it's not completely out of bounds for me to have wished that
Carolina would've been the one to pick up Harris, though I wasn't aware
before now that he was looking for coaching work. Having played under
coach Rivera in Chicago, and having played here as well, you might hope
they could've swayed him, though Marc Trestman also has more longevity
going forward than the potentially year to year Rivera.

Good for him, to continue on in the sport. Need more like him.
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