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Monday, January 14, 2013

Cap Update

New GM Dave Gettleman's biggest challenge is going to be pulling the Panthers to cap solvency, short and long term.

John Clayton pitches in that the Panthers took $3.6 million from this season and allocated it forward to next year - leaving the team at $11.8 million.

In addition, it will cost about $4.3 million to sign draft picks (I'll show my work below), so the team will need to clear a total of $16 million.  

OK, for those that want to know why it'll cost that much: 
Michael Brockers was 14th last year, 4 years/9.4 mil (5.36 mil bonus). His cap hit for the year was $1.71 million. Robert Quinn was same (5.3 mil bonus) in 2011. So our 14 pick will probably cost $1.72 mil, give or take.

To make it roughly even, remaining rookies will have a base of $400k (it was $390k last year). Last year's 47, Lance Kendricks, got $1.57 mil to sign (/4=.39, cap hit is roughly 800k). 107 got $400k (so roughly $500k total). Couldn't find anything on 140 (Gabe Miller) for a SB, but Richard Sherman got $182k (so 45k/yr, $435k). Let's estimate two other rookies at $425k ea, which gets me to $4.285 million.

You don't have to drop that immediately. Not until you sign them (generally August, but if it matters, the Giants had theirs all signed in May for rookie camp).  But, by then, you have to have it. 
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