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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Beane Rumors Persist

Brandon Beane, a guy I wasn't aware of a year ago and I'm sure most people weren't aware of the day Marty Hurney was fired, continues to be a potential candidate for general manager.   To this point, the media hasn't really talked to him; there's little info on him other than that he handled a lot of non-football operations for the team (travel, for instance) and was considered right hand man to Marty Hurney (who had no scouting background).

The team has suggested it wants someone with a scouting background.  So why is Beane continuing to get so much press?

There's one possibility - Pat Yasinskas has pushed him as a hardline candidate for a while. It's possible any other press pushing it, is simply citing him.   I don't see many other options.  I can see Beane getting an interview as a courtesy, but I can't see how he's that serious a candidate.

If the team does like him, why not simply elevate him to Assistant GM and let him learn from a good GM and the College/Pro Scouting Directors?

This reminds me, to a point, of the Jeff Davidson issues in 2007.  A former OL coach and OC for half a year in Cleveland, when Davidson was sought to come to Carolina that year he'd been let go, along with plenty of others from that staff (and replaced with Rob Chudzinski, if you remember correctly).  Davidson was officially the OC and "running game coordinator" until Mike McCoy (similar to Beane, a relative unknown who Yasinskas pushed hard, stating he was by far the top candidate for the OC job) left after 2008.

So why's this remind me of Beane?  Davidson was a free agent.  The other guys - Pat Shurmur, Ken Zampese - were QBs coaches only willing to come for the upgrade to OC, and only able because their teams were willing to see that happen.   So you could've gotten one - Zampese has a Coryell background, which would've made sense here after Henning, over Shurmur's WCO - and Davidson as your new line coach, and if you wanted, dress it up with that silly "running game coordinator" title for Davidson if he's that great.   I didn't have a problem with Davidson, given the hand he was dealt under John Fox, but you could've had more.

With Beane, it feels like the same thing, to a point.  Is he a good football administrator?  Does he have any reason to show that he'd be a good scout?  No idea.  And the only way he as GM would work is under the possibility that he finds great Directors and has a lot of guys feeding him good information.   But then you're essentially restarting Marty Hurney's career with Beane, which doesn't seem like much change.
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