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Friday, January 18, 2013

Around The League

I know things are coaching-centric right now. It's a big interest to
me, and has been for the duration of this blog (started around the 2007
offensive switch). That, contracts/management, and game strategy are my
focus, if you haven't figured that out by now. If that's not your
thing, sorry in advance.

As well, I'm trying out a new way of inputting my thoughts, so bear
with that as well.
Either way, I've been following the hires and figured I'd just put
down everything at once across the league I found interesting, starting
with last night's AZ hire.

*AZ - Bruce Arians
A disaster, and a downgrade, in my opinion. Age doesn't bother me, but
Arians was a lightningrod for years and years. He's a longtime
coordinator whose offenses have only been top 10 twice (2009 and this
year) despite a lot of talent. Not being able to keep Ray Horton is one
thing but replacing him so quickly with Todd Bowles is a whole separate
disaster. John Pagano, Rob Ryan make sense than Bowles.

*SD - Mike McCoy
McCoy was a big name because of success I don't feel he had a lot of
hand in, and because he's young; he's definitely knowledgeable and
learning on John Fox' staff isn't the worst way to go, but I don't know
that he'll succeed.
Adding Ken Whisenhunt was smart on paper but it's not the Coryell stuff
that McCoy had suggested he preferred. It's back to the Ehrhart Perkins
stuff that McCoy dealt with in Carolina 07-08, and with Josh McDaniels.
I don't know if that'll be as happy for Phillip Rivers, but Whiz is an
allright OC. It's unsurprising to me that McCoy has already found a way
to overrule his own offensive ideals, something that's followed him
around (he was a WCO guy coming in, which is why he even got his initial
internship in Carolina) from Fox to McDaniels to Tebow to Manning.
McCoy's tofu, so for his sake he better pick wisely for staff.

*CHI - Marc Trestman
I like it. I was in favor of his name coming up for OC here in 2011
when Marty Hurney was pushing that; he's a solid coach with a couple
different systems under his belt and some head coaching success. His
house-cleaning of staff has some mixed emotion (Mike Tice can go - I
think the D staff going is better longterm, but keeping Marinelli and
staff might've helped more and will be a critical hire; Jeremy Bates is
tough to deal with but would've helped with Cutler), so it'll be
important he backfill from there.

*BUF – Doug Marrone

Not impressed. Sure, has some background in the NFL, but Sean Payton didn’t suffer without him. .500 ball in the Big East isn’t incredible either. Parcells stands by him, but also stood by Tony Sparano. Hiring his college OC, Nathaniel Hackett, is fine because of familiarity, but uninspiring.
Danny Crossman will be a disaster. Mike Pettine was a coup (he’s good, and getting an iterdivisional coach is almost unheard of), so it won’t be a total disaster with cronyism.

*CLE - Rob Chudzinski
Obviously a knowledgeable coach, we'll see how he does with a full
team. He certainly has the recommendation from Panther players. Adding
Norv and Scott Turner were smart hires, but the pending Raheem Morris
deal might not work so well. Thefting John Pagano would've been better.

*KC - Andy Reid
Solid vet choice who should be able to navigate their QB issues well,
if nothing else.
Hiring Bob Sutton, longtime Jets staffer, feels positive but we'll see.
Reid doesn't care about defense. Doug Pederson paid his dues, but I
guess it might be more that he didn't want to tie himself to other names
(Childress, Shurmur were available, and so was his last Eagles OC,
Morhinweg). Dave Toub/Kevin O'Dea were a ST coup for Reid.

*JAX - Gus Bradley
Not a lot to think about this one, honestly. Bradley was a quick riser
and will probably gut the staff. He was what was left, but likely still
paying on two coaches, Bradley it is. Lovie Smith would've been a lot
more respectable (and you'd have gotten Lovie's defensive staff, and
possibly Monte Kiffin since Marinelli went to be an assistant there).

*PHI - Chip Kelly
The most interesting, and quickly surprising after the other night.
Kelly appears willing to leave a lot of his staff in Oregon; he'll
easily be able to recruit from college ranks like he did with an
excellent Todd Grantham hire. I don't have worries with his scheme -
he's constantly evolving.
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