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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tough Few Weeks For Coryell O

...and a tough couple of weeks for the lineage(s) that Ron Rivera has come from, honestly. 
Norv Turner has been told he’s fired at the end of this year, something to consider when gearing up for the Chargers game this week.  Stalwart OC Cam Cameron, a former Chargers staffer, was fired Monday as OC of the Ravens.  The Carolina staff, full of Coryell aficionados including OC Rob Chudzinski (a former Charger), line coach John Matsko (formerly with the Ravens, and before that with the Mike Martz Coryell staff), and Norv’s son Scott, is destined for likely failure, too.
It’s not a good time for the coaches running Coryell; while most, if not all, should be running an offense again next year, all of them have had enough failure that it got them fired, too.  It does, of course, give some level of association or package deal with most of the above coaches if wanted; Chudzinski has worked with all of them, for instance, and would be given top billing as assistant if not an OC next year himself.
To add to that, it’s not looking great for Jason Garrett, once determined as a wonder boy of the system himself. At 19-16, Garrett has done an allright job, and it’s too early to pull the pin on him in most situations.  But with existing head coaches available that might provide an immediate boost, Garrett might not make it through the year.
The other fork of that Rivera lineage is out of the Eagles’ org (I’m writing off the Bears portion for now, but some struggles there too).  Andy Reid is obviously on the outs – and the defense that was once a proving ground for future head coaches is now a place where coaches can’t make it through the season.  Jim Washburn is out to follow Juan Castillo. Reid himself probably won’t be able to pull from that many assistants on defense, having dropped so many at this point; fellow Jim Johnson alum Steve Spagnuolo isn’t likely to be fired but to call his Saints defense struggling would understate by a good bit their current issues.  Pat Shurmur, a position coach with the Eagles for many years, is failing as the Browns' head coach. 
On the upside, as much as I want Rivera to move on for his game decisions and inability to force games shut on opponents, his scheming and preparation is ideal, and for the most part, the scheme is the best fit for the players in place (many of which will remain past Rivera).  Defensively, it’s a lot to ask of a coach to leave in a Wade Phillips/Jim Johnson hybrid pro multiple D, but it won’t be hard to set up a Coryell system here in Carolina, and hopefully they’ll have the sense to continue down that path.
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