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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Rooting Against The Giants

The Giants have to beat the Eagles and get Bears, Vikings, and Cowboys losses to move to the playoffs. 
And two of the Giants’ front office executives are apparently on the Panthers’ short list.  You can’t interview front office guys until their season is over, so I’ll be rooting against the Giants.  They already face long odds, so it’s not that tough to do – and if you’re not a fan of entitled quarterbacks, there’s always Eli Manning to help you.  The team that once gave all fat guys hope by having Jared Lorenzen as a backup squandered that by giving David Carr a super bowl ring, too. 
At any rate, it appears Marc Ross is leading Dave Gettleman out of the rumor gate so far.  It’s hard to say after that – but Joey Clinkscales (Raiders) and Steve Keim (Cards) are both done Monday, too. 
Tom Gamble (49ers) won’t likely be available for a while, nor would anyone from the Ravens (George Kokinis gets some mention, but hopefully isn’t a real candidate; it’s unlikely that Eric Decosta would leave).  One of my own guys that hasn’t gotten a lot of mention, John Dorsey (Packers) wouldn’t be avaialble either. 
I would definitely place higher odds on guys available Monday compared to those within the playoff picture.  Only Gamble, of that group, is a serious candidate in my opinion, and he’s being rumored to be higher on others’ lists than the rumors on Carolina’s.
Anyone currently not attached to a team, or that might get fired, would obviously be available for immediate interview. 
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