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Sunday, December 30, 2012

New GM Needs To Work Fast

        The last head coach candidate on Mint Street, Ron Rivera, impressed Panther officials with his plans for the lockout, something the other candidates didn't have prepared.  Potentially a useless bit of info - any hired coach would have time to plan that, or show flexibility. The first GM candidate to show up on Mint St. this week must have fast plans in place, too - and long term ones.  

        If the team chooses not to fire Ron Rivera, the team has to move forward with its offseason, a busy one full of finding a way under the cap and improving itself.

        But, if the team chooses to fire Rivera, which would happen pretty quickly, to be honest - it has to hire a GM that more or less knows who he wants in a head coach, or a shorter list than normal.  Plenty of teams will be firing coaches this week, and going through a week-long or more adventure on a front office hire, who then has to assemble his own staff and setup coaching interviews, means losing out on other coaches.
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