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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Lombardi: Rivera Out’s Michael Lombardi is stating that Ron Rivera will be fired Monday.
Not a lot to add to it, really – it’s almost time to find out.  All of it’s coming, honestly – it’s Friday, so Monday is just around the corner.  It felt like an eternity ago that the season was in limbo for the second half of the year.  Now it’s done.
It’s hard to say how reputable the information is, honestly.  It’s certainly possible. Richardson apparently had some issue with Rivera around the time of Marty Hurney’s firing, and it came out that Rivera wasn’t necessarily “his” choice, but that didn’t keep him from being hired.   I don’t think it was ever really stated as to what that really means, though – whether Hurney wanted Rivera fired at that point, and then why wasn’t it done with Hurney gone? 
A quick dispatch instead of a lingering Rivera through the GM proceedings might make the GM job more promising.   It’s hard to say – Ernie Accorsi only provided this officially for Atlanta, who had a vacancy at coach already, and there was no official recommendation on George Kokinis for the Cleveland job (that had an association with existing coach Eric Mangini).
Lombardi himself is being linked, potentially, to the Cleveland job by a few sources, including adding Josh McDaniels.  I don’t know why Cleveland seems to keep making the same mistakes, but this feels like one of them.  At least for an iteration or two, they went with the WCO guy instead of the Pats/Jets retread. There’s a Rich Kotite joke in there somewhere.
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